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7 Cheat Codes for Workout Motivation

This Twitter thread from Ben Meer (@SystemSunday) was so excellent, we had to share. Please see the original source at

1. Know Your Why

There's no wrong 'Why' for health, except not having one.


• Improve dating options

• Look younger, longevity

• Confidence from a killer bod

• Energy to play with your kids on the front lawn

Choose what you need, then dominate.

2. Work Out in the Morning

You intend to hit the gym after work,

99% of us will never make it.

Don't be another statistic.

Go to sleep early, work out early, and soon…

You'll be unrecognizable.

One more thing about early workouts: The mental edge is addictive (in the best way possible) Imagine stepping out of the gym. You've just CRUSHED a workout. The rest of the world is still sleeping. There is no better feeling.

3. Make Logistics Easy

The closer to your workout space,

The less early you'll have to wake up (see tip #2). The more likely you'll be to go.

It's one reason home gyms are a great investment (if you can).

A suspension trainer like TRX works wonders in compact spaces.

4. Use Temptation Bundling

Pick something you love (podcast, magazine, show, etc.).

Then, only enjoy it while you're working out. For example, Arianna Huffington loves the show Bridgerton.

But she only allows herself to watch it on a treadmill.

5. Work Out with a Friend

A workout partner is powerful for accountability.

Also, try group classes (as tribal creatures, we thrive in joined movement).

Pay in advance for group classes.

Consistency Bias says, you'll be more likely to attend.

6. Set a SMART Goal and Track It

Ex: "I want to lose 14 pounds in 7 weeks by Feb. 19th"

• Specific: Lose lb

• Measurable: 14 lb

• Achievable: 1-2 lb/wk

• Realistic: Y

• Timely: Feb. 19th

What gets measured gets managed.

Set a goal and track progress with a scale.

7. Ditch the "All or Nothing" Mentality

Your life will never be perfect, but it can be extraordinary.

You will miss a day in the gym. That is OK.

What's not OK? Letting that day turn into 3 weeks.

Use the mantra "Never miss twice" (Hat tip to James Clear).

About Taboota Fitness

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