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What is Pilates?

Have you ever tried Pilates? Many people have never heard of this popular workout before. For those that are new to Pilates, here’s a brief overview:

  • Pilates is a great foundational exercise program suitable for any fitness level

  • It benefits one’s core while also providing movement and strength activities

  • Similar to yoga, Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise

  • It works to build, strengthen, and tone muscle

  • Pilates can improve postural alignment, mobility, and flexibility

  • It’s an effective full-body workout that can boost energy as well

  • It benefits mental health, sleep, mood, and much more

If you haven’t done Pilates before, give it a try! We have tons of fantastic Pilates classes on Taboota.

About Taboota Fitness

Taboota is a home fitness app that was created during COVID-19 when exercise options were limited. Taboota offers approximately 2,000 workouts from instructors around the world in six class types: Barre, Cardio, Core, Pilates, Strength and Yoga. Most workouts are between 5 and 60 minutes in length. For more information, check out or Click here to download the app.


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